Goodbye Photo-A-Day, Hello Project365

Meco at Fry's

So today is my birthday, which means one year has passed since I started my Photo-A-Day project. You can read my original post about it here.


The intent of my Photo-A-Day project was to publish one photo a day, not take a photo a day, because I had a large backlog of images I liked, but never got around to posting anywhere. Overall I think it was a huge success, with no missed days, and I think that the image quality was overall very good, not to say that there weren’t some images in there that I wasn’t totally thrilled with. If you want to look over my Photo-A-Day images, head on over to the flickr set and take a gander.


So with the completion of my Photo-A-Day project, I was trying to decide what to do for the next year. While PAD did get me to publish more images, it didn’t get me to shoot much more often. Because of that, I’ve decided that my next project will be Project365.

The general concept is that you take one photo a day for a year. So from today to my 28th birthday I will take at least one photo between 12:00am and 11:59pm. For logistical reasons, it is quite likely that most images will not be published on the day they are taken, but they will be published in order, and I will try to not build up more then a few days of a backlog unless I’m unable to get them uploaded for some reason (like traveling with no internet).

I’m also going to be changing the way I publish the photos. They will be published to this flickr set, and I will also post to my twitter account (@ericmblog). They will not regularly be posted to this blog – I want to start using this blog again for actual content, which means not drowning the site with photo posts that you can see elsewhere.

Hopefully this project will work out as well as the last one, but part of me is worried that I will have a hard time keeping quality up. We shall see – it should be a good challenge regardless.

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