We’re back

We got back yesterday. I’m working on a full post about our travels, but first I have to finish homework for tomorrow.

I did a quick check, and I shot (exactly) 1100 frames on my main camera (and another 133 on my point-and-shoot), totaling a little over 20GB.

Packing and illness

Sorry about the lack of posts.

We are prepping for a big trip. We are going to the UK. Work is sending me to a Moodle conference at The Open University in Milton Keynes, and Sara is going to tag along. The conference is only Tues-Thurs, but we are going to be there Sat-Sun, so we have about an extra 5 days to do whatever we want. I just get extra insurance on all my camera gear, so I can tow it along with me.

I’ve also been pretty sick since mid last week. It’s finally passing – it’s basically just a head cold with a stomach ache now.

I’m hoping to post some pictures from this past weekend’s photoshoot if I get a chance. There is a ton of work to get done before I leave town.


So this weekend I got a chance to do some family photography. My friend, Chris had asked me if I could do some family portraits for him, since they didn’t have any with their youngest (who is 7…).

Since I haven’t really done a shoot like this before, we were out for ~4 hours at some parks around the area. I really appreciate that they let me waste their Sunday, it was good experience. I accidentally shot all of the images at ISO 400, woops. It had an affect on some of the pictures, but overall didn’t hurt it too much. It only really causes a problem with images that were already underexposed, it lessens my ability to brighten them up, due to noise.

I think some of the came out pretty good, but I still need to hear what Chris and the rest of the family thinks.

Hopefully I can post a few pictures, if I hear back from him and get the ok….

Bay City

I haven’t had the time to write a full blog post, so I figured I would post to pictures from a trip that Sara and I took to Bay City a few weekends ago.

Both of these particular pictures are of a semi-abandoned warehouse along the river waterfront. There was a large barbwire fence that unfortunately got in the way of some good views.

Baycity Warehouse

Baycity Warehouse

The iPhone vs The Hackers

Apple released firmware version 1.1.1 for the iPhone a few days ago, and it broke a lot of things for a lot of people.

Now Apple has all along not allowed access to the software inside of the iPhone, or even allowed any 3rd party applications for it, but soon after it’s launch crafty hackers found their way in. Not long thereafter, people figured out how write programs for it, then finally people found a flaw in the firmware that allowed it to be SIM unlocked (allowing it to be used on networks other than AT&T).

When the update itself was applied, many people had their phones become inoperative (bricked). Apple had warned that hacked phones may become bricked by the update and people are crying foul, saying that because they warned them, that it must be malicious in intent. Personally I doubt it.

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