Random items

Ok, just a few random items.

The launch of Atlantis has been pushed back to October 10th at the earliest due to delays from Hanna. Sara and I have LTT tickets to see the launch and we are working out if we are going, and if so, how we are getting down there.

Things have been hectic at work. The semester started on Tuesday, which is always the busiest time of year, and now the parking lots are always full. Suck.

Finally a wonderful clip from the Daily Show:

Discovery Channel Advertising

Discovery channel usually has a longer ‘indirect’ ad, and they do a new one every now and then. Their last one, Let’s All Discover, I really liked, and I just saw their new one, Boom de y ada. Maybe it’s just me, being a super-dork and all, but I love them. Here are those two, plus a thrid short ad that I just find funny.

No Country for Old Men

I went with some guys from work to go see this. Good movie.

It’s dark, and has a ‘not happy’ ending, which is just what I like in a movie. Something I would recommend to most guys, and some women.

There Will Be Blood has finally come out in the Detroit area, so I’m definitely going to see that. It has already won many awards and is on many lists as the best movie of 2007. No Country for Old Men and Juno have also been in the top 10 on most lists, and I liked both of those. I’m really looking forward to There Will Be Blood.

Futurama: Bender’s Big Score

Good news, everyone!

Futurama has returned, in the form of a hour and thirty minute feature called ‘Futurama: Bender’s Big Score‘.

I must say, it’s some of the best $20 I’ve spent in a while. The feature is hilarious. Even if you were just going to ‘acquire’ the movie, the DVD extras are still worth the cost. The audio commentary gives a great peak into the thought behind decisions they make, the effort that goes into things that most people would think are just coincidental, and is hilarious in it’s own right.

Other included bonuses include a read-through of one of the Futurama comics by the voices actors, a lecture by a math professor on the math of Futurama, the original script of the feature, a full length episode of ‘Everybody Loves Hypnotoad’, and more.

If you love or like Futuama you must own this, if you’ve never seen Futurama I highly recommend adding it to your NetFlix queue or borrowing it from a friend.

Southland Tales

“This is the way the world ends
Not with a whimper
But with a bang.” – Not T. S. Eliot

Southland Tales is a a story by Richard Kelly. It is broken into 6 parts, 3 make up a book, Southland Tales: The Prequel Saga, while the other 3 compose a movie Southland Tales. I highly recommend you go take a look at the trailer.

Now while the review for the movie were mixed, and especially the original cut was panned by many reviewers, one person who seems to have opinions similar to mine really liked it. Besides, the complaints were generally that is was too long, complex, and difficult to follow. Personally those are things I like in a movie.

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Well, I’m still sorting those photos from the UK (hey, there are a lot of them), so a bit of an update.

So I was sick from Thursday through Monday with kinda flu-ish symptoms, which wasn’t fun. But, despite the illness we got some work done around the house.

Saturday we went to Home Depot to buy a new storm door to replace the broken on that was currently one the front door (we also bought the best toy tool ever while there). The old door didn’t latch properly, and during a windy night last year, blew open. It rip the mounting brackets for both door closers off the door jamb, and slammed into the awning, breaking the door and awning. Since then, that door has been inoperative, mainly because it was a pain to close; you had to lift the door so it would close, and then latch it with the deadbolt. In fact, we have had bricks piled on the front stoop for months from a previous project, because we were too lazy to move them out back, and we hoped it would let people know not to use that door. How our neighbors must love us…

Sunday we cleared the bricks away, and it only took about 6 hours to install with some help from Sara (mainly holding the door in place while I drove some screws in). While I was busy with that, Sara cleaned inside, then came out and did some landscaping on the side of the house.

Monday we went to Benihana for lunch, since it was Sara’s birthday, and I had my evening class from 6:30 to 9:30.

I preordered Super Mario Galaxy from Toys R Us because they were offering a $25 gift card if you bought it there. Irritatingly enough none of the Toys R Us in the area got them in yesterday, even though other stores did. I just called them though and they did get them today, so I’ll pick it up on the way home from work.

Well, back to sorting picks (and you know, maybe working some).